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Build photos! ill probably load these to my photo bucket to make every ones life easier!

if you notice by the pictures:

  • A mast has been included
  • A rudder
  • And a latch system to secure the rig to the boat,

to help secure it to the kayak under the lip.

still needs,

  1. The kehl,
  2. A sail
  3. And a way to control the way the mast resists the wind.

Update! sorry forgot the picture of the lip up above.


For the record,

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I Love This Site, It has been one of the few web pages I have visited on a daily basis for the past five years.
Every day without fail there has been a fresh article displaying the general ingenuity of hackers all over the world/web.

Just goes to show what a little bit of free time and a good set of hands can create.


High Point Monument

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High Point Monument

So, quick little story behind this picture, If you know where this is and can identify it just from this wall, i give you credit, or you have lived in sussex county for the majority of your life. This was taken at High Point Monument, The highest point in New Jersey.

Beautiful view, especially when im in the shot.

Moral Compass

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May it always point north.

May it always be true.

May it lead me back to you,

From here to there,

I do not Care,

My Moral compass, 

Always Knows where i need to go.


Sailing Kayak

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Okay so, the premise of this project is to make a easily removable sailing mast and rudder system that fits to my kayak without damaging or putting holes in the kayak. While also at the same time remaining secure.

It should be removable in case of emergency, such as Swamping the kayak and i need to lose the mast.

okay, let the fun and games begin.